Creating a Persona


By creating a market persona it allows you to cater to a specific audience or customer that you are trying to be in contact with trying to attract. My brand persona includes my personal attributes. I believe one of my personas is assertiveness. I am not afraid to speak my mind when needs be. If I am not happy about something then I do not mind standing up and sharing my opinion. Some may see it as brash or cocky but those who sit in the background with their mouths shut will never be respected and may never prevail in life. I believe I am confident in myself and my abilities but that should not be mistaken for cockiness.

I am also athletic. I have a big interest in soccer both playing and watching. I try to go for a run at least once or twice a week. Being athletic helps your personal image which is important especially in our chosen field in college which involves sports and coaching. This gives me energy to take into my day to day life. I have a positive attitude to my college work and any task that I set about doing. Being energetic creative positive mental health. This is one way that experts suggest to avoid depression.

For more on creating a personal persona check out Joe Shanahan’s blog post at Joe Shanahan’s Blog Joe Shanahan’s Blog



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