Personal Brand


There are many ways to go about building your own personal brand. It is important to be seen on as many social media sites as possible i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It is vital that you have useful content about yourself that would attract companies to hire you. These days companies will look online about information about the person that they want to hire. So it is important that the content that you have online is appropriate for those viewing it. Pictures of you on holidays drunk are not appropriate and you should screen these before putting them online.

By creating a personal brand it opens up opportunities for future employment. This could lead to securing a better job and also creating a useful contact list in your chosen field of employment. You want your personal brand to be associated with feelings of trust and long term success. Having a strong personal brand allows you to be automatically associated with a certain subject matter which can be a huge benefit for future employment or securing a better job. Sites like LinkedIn help you connect with companies that are in your chosen field. You can list your qualifications on here and what areas of employment excite you.

We have seen with the likes of Tommy Bowe and Paul O’ Connell how being well recognised from playing sports can be beneficial to building a brand for a company. Tommy Bowe launched a clothing range a few years ago and he will have built up strong business relationships through playing sports. People could put him in contact with businesses that may not have happened if he did not have this sporting background. The same can be said for Paul O’ Connell with the launch of Pinergy electricity.

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