The new Top 4?

The season 2015/16 will definitely go down as the strangest one ever. Leicester and Tottenham are challenging for league honours while Chelsea were battling relegation just a few weeks ago. For so long there has been such a gap between the so called big four (Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City) and the rest of the league. Now with all the television money floating around the premier league clubs like Stoke City and West Ham have been able to spend big money on transfers and higher salaries. Nobody including myself believed it would be possible for Leicester City to be top of the premier league in March. Most people want to see this fairy tale story end in glory for the foxes but football can be a cruel game. Just a year ago they were battling relegation, now they have almost guaranteed themselves champions league football for next season. Tottenham who are usually considered chokers are breathing down Leicester’s throats as the race for the title reaches a pivotal stage. Consistency has been Arsenal and Man City’s downfall.

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